We are committed to transparent and open communication about the project. Please find helpful resources below, and feel free to reach out with any questions!
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The Taelor Solar Project team members — many of whom are based in Colorado — are committed to responsible development, including:

  • Conducting comprehensive environmental studies
  • Ensuring minimal impact on the natural landscape
  • Implementing a vegetation management plan that utilizes re-seeding with native grasses.

Downloads & Helpful Links

Taelor Solar Visual Simulations

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Taelor Solar Temporary Construction Route

Download resource
Taelor Solar Temporary Construction Route Map

Preliminary Erosion Control Plans for Taelor Solar Phase 1

Download resource
Preliminary erosion control plans for taelor solar phase 1

Preliminary Hydrology Study for Taelor Solar

Download resource
Preliminary hydrology study for taelor solar

Taelor Solar Revegetation Plan

Download resource
taelor solar revegetation plan

Taelor Solar Project Solar Glare Hazard Assessment

Download resource
taelor solar project solar glare hazard assessment

NREL: Research and Analysis Demonstrate the Lack of Impacts of Glare from Photovoltaic Modules

View resource
NERL research and analysis demonstrate the lack of impacts of glare from photovoltaic modules

Property Values and Utility-Scale Solar Facilities

Download resource
Property values and utility-scale solar facilities

Health and Safety Impacts of Solar Photovoltaics

Download resource
Health and safety impacts of solar photovoltaics

Analysis of the Potential for a Heat Island Effect in Large Solar Farms

Download resource
Analysis of the Potential for a heat island effect in large solar farms

“Solar Heat Islands” Explained

Download resource

Taelor Economic Impact Report

Download resource

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